Spill Response Expo 2017

    Following our success last year, RAW are exhibiting at the Spill Response Expo (part of the wider Contamination Expo Series 2017) at EXCEL London on 27th and 28th September 2017. Director Andy Kyle will also be presenting a seminar on ‘The Application of Treatment Technologies in the Real World’ in Theatre 10 at 2.45pm on […]

Spill Responder of the Year

RAW were delighted to receive the UK Spill Association’s ‘Responder of the Year’ award for the second year running. The UK Spill Association awarded RAW ‘Responder of the Year 2017’ following our emergency deployment of a multi-skilled team to site, within two hours of the first call, to mitigate the effects of a 2.2 million litre slurry spill, which had impacted […]

New Remediation Technology Agreement

  RAW UK is very pleased to announce that it has agreed an exclusive co-operation venture in China with Shanghai Zhuo Yu Environmental Engineering Company Limited, a subsidiary of Shanghai Construction Group. RAW UK has been developing business in China for 7 years and this venture brings all that experience together with Shanghai Construction Group’s undisputed […]

Flooding! Get fired up about oil heating systems!

This has been another difficult year for those affected by bad weather and the resultant flooding of their properties. While the water damage is the most visible problem, secondary issues may be overlooked until much later.

Achilles UVDB Verify B2 Audit

We are proud to have passed our recent annual Achilles UVDB Verify B2 Audit with flying colours, gaining outstanding results in all categories, and achieving a total score of 299 out of 300 for our site inspection!